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The Step-By-Step Guide To Building A 6-Figure Gym!

If you’d like to discover the Gym Startup Blueprint, you’ve come to the right place. There’s never been an easier way to start your very own gym! To give you a clear idea of what you can expect to learn from this must-attend course...
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Here’s The Module Breakdown:

Module 01

Map Out Your Business Blueprint -
 Make a plan of action for the next 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year in order to open and scale your gym. This includes your business plan, vision, mission, and values. 

Module 02

Funding Your Gym
How to get 50-100k of funding through your business credit within a few days, all without getting rejected by banks, or messing up your personal credit. 

Module 03

Building Your Dream Gym
We'll go over the perfect gym model, how to find the right space, and how to negotiate the perfect lease.

Module 04

Program Design Blueprint
Your workout program is your product. The focus here is to create a unique product with Franchise potential

Module 05

Recruiting Your Dream Team
The perfect hiring system you can use to build an Allstar team of trainers and employees for your gym.

Module 06

Client Attraction Systems
How to land your first 100 clients in under 90 days and grow your audience through organic marketing and FB advertising.

Module 07

Client Captivation Systems 
Discover all of the tactics you'll need to instantly captivate your prospects, and easily convert them into paying clients.

Module 08

Client Retention Systems
Find out which systems you'll need to implement in order to turn your clients into members who stay on for many years.

Module 09

Gym Systemization
Learn all about the systems & processes you need to put in place to get your gym running efficiently so you can finally step away.

Module 10

Epic Growth & Scale
With your gym open and operating efficiently, we can now focus on doubling your revenue, and scaling into multiple locations
With these modules by your side each week, you will have everything you need to start your very own successful gym.

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